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Here I’ll show the amazing use of CSS GRID property, CSS grid is a very powerful tool for any Front-end Web Developer. CSS Grid makes very easy for us to arrange the different block in the web page in very short lines.

In normal CSS we need to do a lot of work i.e using, float or flex property.

Let’s get our hands dirty

For any web page markup text is most important. So Let’s write our markup first.

<div class=”container”>
<div class=”item-1">Item A</div>
<div class=”item-2">Item B</div>
<div class=”item-3">Item C</div>
<div class=”item-4">Item D</div>
<div class=”item-5">Item E</div>
<div class=”item-6">Item F</div>
<div class=”item-7">Item G</div>
<div class=”item-8">Item H</div>…

Rahul Kumar

I am Frontend Web Developer currently getting hands dirty on backend.

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